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Our solutions come in several different formulations. We offer a standard solution, a premium solution and a rapid developing solution. Each solution can be customized to your preference with any of our add-ins and enhancements.

standard solution

Our standard solution comes in three different levels.

The Peck: The peck is a lighter blend of bronzers recommended for fair/sensitive skin tones/types.

the french smooch: The french smooch is a medium blend of bronzers recommended for medium skin tones and combination skin types.

the besos: the besos is a darker blend of bronzers recommended for individuals with a darker skin tone and for ones who tend to tan easily and desire a deep tan.

Pricing: NJ residents- $59.00  NY Residents- $69.00  PR residents- $59.00

premium solution

Our premium solution is offered in the same color levels as our standard solution.

bacio veneziano: the bacio veneziano offers you a just off the  mediterranean beach tan. the cutting edge ingredients assist in improving the health of your skin while producing gorgeous tanning results. the solution contains time release micro capsules to continually hydrate your skin for up to 24 hours after application. natural collagen enzymes are built in to the formula to stimulate cell repair and rejuvenation.

pricing: nj residents-$69.00  nY residents- $79.00  pr residents- $69.00

rapid developing solution  

Our rapid developing solution comes in a light, medium and dark shade.

kiss & fly: the kiss & fly delivers a light tan in as little as an hour, medium color in two hours &maximum tanning results will develop in only three hours.     

*the standard and premium solutions require 8-10 hours for full development.

pricing: nJ residents- $79.00  nY residents- $89.00  pr residents- $79.00

Our professional solutions are 100% plant organic, gluten free, nut-allergen free and paraben free. NOT tested on animals. We custom blend our solutions to offer you the most natural, golden brown looking tan for your skin tone and type. We offer several additives to allow you to customize the scent, color, and extent of your tan, as well as optional added anti-aging and hydrating benefits.

Our solutions contain the latest formulation in sunless tanning. Each color option contains high levels of DHA for long term golden bronzing with no unsightly orange tint. We guarantee it.

Our streak-free formula has built-in sheeting action to eliminate spotting and streaking. It also contains bronzing agents and natural color extenders. Our airbrush solution utilizes skin firming copper "Firm-A-Derm" technology for younger, youthful looking skin.


pre-tan normalizing elixir: our pre-tan normalizing elixir is a fine blend of exotic aloes which assist in hydrating porous areas of your body. it ph balances the skin & eliminates dry spots, allowing the sunless tanning solution to penetrate uniformly into the skin, resulting in a longer lasting tan.

dha booster finishing spray: our dha booster finishing spray is a fine blend of ginger, ginseng, rosemary & rose hips. it locks in color and seals your tan with moisture.

anti-aging elixir: our anti-aging elixir is an ultra hydrant that will tighten & firm your skin. the results last 3-5 days.

shimmer hydration elixir: our shimmer hydration elixir is an exclusive blend of shimmering radiance infused with emollients & humectants to soften your skin while delivering a delightful glowing effect. choose from golden glow or opalescent shimmer. designed to enhance your special day tan, your skin will literally glisten under any type of light.

pricing: $10.00 each

body contouring: custom airbrush contouring for definition. this enhancement is typical used to enhance muscles for competition tans.

pricing: $15.00


Organic airbrush tanning

add-ins & enhancements

give the gift of a smooch! gift cards available in any denomination.

elite monthly memberships

Our monthly membership is designed for any individual desiring to maintain a healthy tan. Our membership packages are offered on a first come first serve basis, with a waiting list for some areas. Please inquire within for availability in your area. A minimum three month commitment is required to be considered for our monthly membership program. You are welcome to cancel at any period after the three months by providing a 30-day notice of cancellation. Our monthly memberships include 4 tans a month. Members receive 20% off services as well as 50% off any add-ins and enhancements.

pricing for our monthly memberships are as follows:

Standard Solution: $189.00-NJ Resident   $220.00-ny resident   $189.00-PR resident

premium solution:$220.00-NJ resident  $250.00-ny resident   $220.00-PR resident

rapid developing solution: $250.00-nj resident  $285.00-ny resident   $250.00 PR resident

*Monthly members qualify for discounted travel fees of 20% off, billed on a monthly basis & include 4 trips.


Our packages are offered for our standard tanning formula. We offer several different package options. Sessions that are part of a package are offered at a discounted rate and can be used anytime. Packaged sessions are non-refundable. Package sessions are transferable for a fee of $10 per session. All packages have an expiration date of 12 months from the date of purchase. Any unused sessions from your package can be redeemed after they expire for a fee of $6 per session. Package holders qualify for 20% off travel fees.

  • 6 tans $299.00

  • 9 tans $450.00

  • 12 tans $600.00

  • 18 tans $900.00

  • 24 tans $1,200.00

Fitness competition tanning sessions

You've worked long & hard to get your body competition ready. Don't ruin your chances of winning with a bad spray tan. You've eaten clean and prepared yourself from the inside/out for this big day, the last thing you want to do is spray your body with a harmful, chemical based product. Our solutions are all natural, organic, paraben free, gluten free, nut allergen free, non-harmful to you & our environment. This provides optimum results with no orange tints. Our competition tanning solutions are made specifically for your BIG day and custom blended to give you the color that YOU need with a pristine steel/metal finish to make you stage ready. Our fitness competition tanning sessions come in three different options depending on the division that you are competing for, such as Bikini, Figure or regular Competition. Our recipe for success is a step by step process over a few days leading up to your fitness competition and offers the maximum results. Bikini is a single step session and is applied the day before your competition. Figure is a two day process and is applied the Thursday and Friday before your competition (assuming your competition is on Saturday). Competition requires the darkest of tans and is a three day process beginning on the Wednesday before your competition (assuming your competition is on Saturday). For those last minute & out-of-town competitors, we offer a single series session which is typically held the evening before your competition and is a longer application process (usually two to three finishes, depending on your skin tone, combined in to one session). Body contouring is available and is typically performed at the last application before your competition. Preparing your skin for your competition series airbrush tan is key to obtaining maximum results. Step by step preparation instructions as well as after care instructions are sent to you once your appointment is booked. We offer a Black-out gel-creme for sale. This is made specifically for fitness competitors and is to be used the day of your competition. It has both cosmetic and DHA ingredients to enhance your tan. We also sell an Outshine Spray which is to be used after judging (usually for day two of competition or audience involved days). This provides a beautiful shine against the bright stage lights on your day two. Please inquire within for additional information or to purchase these products. 

  • bikini, figure and competition series airbrush tanning session: $95.00 per day

  • last minute single (dual/triple application the evening before) series session: $160.00

  • body contouring: +$20.00

tanning parties

Tanning parties are a great way to connect with your friends & show them how much they mean to you.

What says "You mean the world to me" more than giving your friends the ultimate Smooch.

Need a ladies night out? Grab the girls and host a tanning party!!!

Can't find a reason to party? Here's one: When you host a Smooches tanning party, you're partying for a cause. Smooches donates a percentage of their proceeds to Skin Cancer Research. So pull out that wine & call the girls over!

  • tanning parties are for 4 or more guests & offered at a discounted rate of $45.00-$55.00* per guest

  • includes one standard airbrush tan per guest plus one add-in of your choice

  • additional add-ins are available at 20% off

  • each guest receives a discount coupon for their next airbrush session 

*Host tans are complimentary with a minimum of 5 guests at your tanning party

*NJ- $45.00pp   *NY- $55.00pp  *PR- $45pp  

*Prices based upon standard airbrush tan option

Upgrade to our premium "Bacio Veneziano" solution for only $10.00 more or our rapid developing "Kiss & Fly" solution for only $20.00 more

bridal packages available

We offer may different bridal packages or you may customize your own.

Some options include champagne, wines, fruits, appetizers or desserts for you and your bridal party. 

Inquire within for more information.

celebrity tanning sessions

Privacy contract available at your request. Referrals available at your request. Concierge friendly.

After hours appointments and on-location services available 24 hours.

Inquire within for pricing and booking information.

travel fees information and service areas information is located under our contact us tab.